Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Discussion Program on 'Role of Far Westerner Youth on the State Restructure'

May 8, 2012: Nonviolence Youth Groups (NYG) formed in districts of Far Western Region of Nepal under the Social Work For Development (SWD) has organized a discussion program on 'Role of Far Westerner Youth on the State Restructure' in CNAS hall, Tribhuvan University. More than 115 lecturers and students of Far Western Region residents have participated in the program. 

During the interaction program, Dr. Chetraj Bhatta, Dr. Surya Kant Kaloni, Min Bahadur Khati, Yajya Raj Panta, Saurav Kiran Shrestha (President of SWD), Prem Raj Upreti (General Secretary of SWD) including representatives from various organizations and student from varying faculties have expressed their views.
Most of the participants expressed their concern about on-going strike and bandh. They also asked urgent need of state initiation to prevent from communal unrest and unwanted violence. They also asked to address need and voice of Tharu and Pahadi communities while restructuring the stated.

Most of the students have expressed their opinion in favor for unified Far Western. They said that youth should be very careful to deal with such odd situation and to prevent possibility of communal unrest. Youth can play a vital role for the peace and development in Far Western. During the program, representatives of Non-violence Youth Group including Dev Raj Joshi, Jaya Raj Bhatta and Khagendra Bam have also put their remarks. 

The program was coordinated by Mr. Prem Raj Upreti (National Coordinator of Nonviolence Youth Group) and has been conducted by Ishor Bhatta.